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Global leader in color trends, science and technology. Through strategic acquisitions and innovations, we have expanded our color expertise to include insights from PANTONE®, Gretag Macbeth, and Munsell Color. Our comprehensive knowledge serves a range of industries that touch many of today’s consumer products, including packaging, apparel, footwear, electronics, cosmetics, home furnishings…

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NVIDIA designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system on a chip units (SOCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market. In addition to GPU manufacturing, Nvidia provides parallel processing capabilities to researchers and scientists that allow them to efficiently run high-performance applications.

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Lightmap “HDR Light Studio” is best known for creating studio style lighting – especially suited to reflective materials which are difficult to light. Procedural lights can be precisely controlled and positioned to create a wide variety of lighting effects – be it a perfect softbox or a soft reflected lighting effect.

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Since 2005 Hum3D helps 3D artists from more than 80 countries save their time and create stunning works in the field of cinema, video games and visualization. At the store designers can find 3D models of any epoch. Hum3D studio successfully works with leaders of advertising and gaming markets.

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Vizpark creates and develops powerful and easy to use 3d models and tools for architectural visualization. Before you decide to buy a product from VIZPARK, you can check out the free models to see how they work for you. These free models are meant to show which parts are included in a product (3d model formats, textures, scenes). This way you can check if your software is compatible with the VIZPARK products.

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The Maxwell Zone website is a hub of useful information and content specifically created for Maxwell Render. You will find here a plethora of both free and paying content such as tutorials, materials, ready-to-render models and scenes, textures and anything else to make your rendering activities with Maxwell as pleasant, efficient and beautiful as possible.

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3D Models and Textures for architecture and interior design.

Anita Brown


Anita is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is the founder and owner of Anita Brown 3D Visualisation. With an Interior Design background, she has 5 years experience working with Maxwell Render and SketchUp to create visually captivating photo-real interiors for the Interior Design, Wedding Planning and Event Design industries. A selection of Anita’s photo-real interior renders were showcased at Grand Designs Live in London and she has had numerous expert articles published in 3D World Magazine.

Xpert Tip: Due to the various settings, available in Maxwell Render for Maxwell Grass, it’s possible to produce very delicate strands that look like fur, in no time at all. Perfect for cushions and rugs!

Contact: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Artem Paramonov

Artem Paramonov

Artem came originally from the Film and TV industry. Throughout the years he has delivered creative solutions for some of the major brands out there, focusing primarily on the FMCG, F&B, Entertainment, Design and Marketing industries. Currently a Managing Creative Director at NiCE2 in Singapore, Artem is focusing on elevating brand experiences. He is actively working with AR, VR, 360, digital and other media platforms. If you’ve got any questions regarding his visuals or techniques used – please feel free to ask – he is always open to sharing his experience!

Xpert Tip: From basic to complex. From generic to specific. Maxwell Render has an extremely logical material creation pipeline. This is unique among other render engines. The Maxwell Material Editor allows you to build materials layer by layer just like it would in real life. It, basically, encourages you to focus first on your main attributes, like color, or base roughness, and work your way up – by adding extra details, like scratches, decals, coating, cavity, dust, and what not.

Contact: Singapore, Singapore


Carlos Alberto Dana

Carlo Alberto Dana has had great interest in 3D CGI and architectural visualization ever since his architectural studies at Politecnico of Torino. In 2006 together with two partners he founded his Segnoprogetto S.r.l. company, specialized in advanced 3D visualization (still images – movies) and real time 3D web apps with AR & VR. He is also a co-creator of Udine 3D Forum in partnership with Confartigianato Udine since 2011 . The Udine 3D Forum is an event dedicated to all 3D, digital imaging, design, and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Contact: Tarcento, Italy

Christian R. Korte

Christian R. Korte

Chris is a design art director based in Hamburg, Germany. Following his design studies, he kicked off his career as a freelance packaging and structural designer, primarily for the beverage industry. In order to gain a deeper understanding for his clients – he started visualizing his designs in 3D. In his aim for photorealistic results that could be timeously delivered, he discovered Maxwell Render. This reliable tool (with its predictable results) is the ideal software for artists who love to direct the image rather than the technique behind it. He currently is the supervisor for CGI based content at an online retailer from Hamburg.

Xpert tip: “Take your time to build a proper shader. The picture and the render time will undoubtedly thank you”.

Contact: Hamburg, Germany

David de las Casas

David de las Casas

David started working in the world of Fine Arts over twenty years ago. Years later he decided to change the brushes for technology and become a 3D modeler. Over the years, he has taken a passion for modelling and has devoted himself completely to 3D world. David’s specialties are: modelling, texturing & lighting. He works in several sectors – animation, film, ArchViz, games and advertising.

Xpert Tip: I use the plugins for SketchUp and 3dsMax only for testing purposes, but I always do the final rendering within Studio because it provides full control of all the parameters, including textures and lighting. I would recommend users to give Maxwell | Studio a try, as you can import/export from most 3D platforms even if you don’t have the respective plugins.

Contact: Madrid, Spain.


Federico Biffi Gentili

Federico started his independent job experience in 2005 as a freelance designer. In collaboration with Alessio Zampolini, he founded his own design studio in 2009 in Florence, Italy. Un-real Studio creates original and innovative products, through the development of transversal projects connected to all the business sectors of design, retail, interior, communication. Un- real is also an Authorized Training Center which offers two different professional services – 3D computer graphics training and training to applications with high technological content such as parametric 3D modeling, advanced rendering, lights simulation, 3D animation.

Xpert Tip: I love the Maxwell “Multilayer” Material structure. With great simplicity, you can create a single material, with a different layer, where it’s possible to diversify the surface finishes, integrate some lighting, and control the holes, starting from a texture. A very useful way to obtain high-quality complex materials with a low impact on render times.

Contact: Florence, Italy

Fernando Valdés

Fernando Valdés

I studied industrial design and I work as independent arch-viz specialist I have worked on different projects for architecture firms both in México and in different parts of the world. I have more than 10 years experience in 3D visualizations. In this time, I developed high skills for archviz 3d and lighting and how this can completely change a project. I have great passion for architecture, and that passion makes me focus on interior design. As an industrial designer I try to give my clients a different approach on the architecture projects, having different interests in an image, the architects want a good understanding on their projects and I add the artistic view, a mixture that is not always easy to find.

Contact: Puebla, México


James Elderton

James co-founded Wonder Vision in 2010 after graduating in Product Design and Technology from Loughborough University.
James has always been a keen photographer, an interest that when married with Maxwell Render provides the perfect platform for creating Photoreal™ CGI across the Product, Automotive and Architectural sectors.

James is involved in the creative CGI production at the company and over the past 10 years has delivered CG campaigns for brands such as Triumph Motorcycles, Burberry, Sony Entertainment, Kenwood, Clarks, Lexus, Unilever and Ferrari.


Jason Maranto