One render, infinite variations

Multilight™ removes the need to re-render an image when light changes are required. You can tweak the lighting set-up over and over, saving as many images of the same scene as you like – all from just a single render. Save an infinite number of images under different lighting conditions with just ONE render.  No extra render time.

Set the ambience

Multilight™ allows you to change the intensity of individual lights and multiple scene emitters during and after the rendering process (including Physical Sky and HDR Environment Lighting). Do various tests to see how your scene looks with different settings at different times. Here is an example!

Light animations

All the light adjustments can be keyframed and animated so that you see how your scene lights change over time. With Multilight™ you can render out an animation without really having an animation prepared. Just by turning up the lights one after another gives you a really nice video without actually having done much.

Change lights' colors

Color Multilight™ enables you to edit the color of emitters in real time giving you endless lighting possibilities.

Maxwell Multilight

Multilight is a free tool to produce light variations from MXI Maxwell files.

Maxwell Multilight

After installing Multilight, check out the following demo scenes

Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): Bench
Size: 101 MB
Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): Cuadro
Size: 528 MB
Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): Lexus
Size: 463 MB
Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): Seat
Size: 48 MB
Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): Spideys
Size: 168 MB
Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): Converse
Size: 266 MB

Multilight Demo Scene (MXI): X-Wing

Size: 206 MB
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